Considerable reduction in your energy consumption and significant cost savings

Bramal LED offers commercial and industrial installations with their cost-effective and long-lasting lighting alternative to fluorescent tubes. Whether re-lamping or retrofitting, Bramal’s lamps generate higher instant energy savings and better lighting quality than most other products on the market.
Due to their revolutionary integrated power supply† no professional help is required to replace your existing fluorescent lamps with Bramal’s LED. There is no need to bypass the existing ballast since Bramal LED offers a plug and play alternative. This can significantly lower professional fees associated with light tube and ballast replacement.


  • Operates with existing fluorescent ballasts (electronic or magnetic*) or via a direct AC connection
  • Please refer to individual product datasheets for exact operating parameters of each product not all products work on ballasts and direct AC
  • Equipped with a revolutionary power supply† ensuring a constant power source
  • Ensures proper electrical regulation allowing for lighting stability over its entire lifespan
  • Instantly starts in any climate condition – hot, cold or humid
  • Reduces energy consumption by over 70% versus conventional fluorescent lamps
  • Generates less heat, making it ideal for refrigerated applications and air conditioned spaces
  • Eliminates light flicker, helping to reduce eye fatigue
  • Exceptionally quiet due to the elimination of humming or buzzing noises
  • Made of shatterproof and recyclable thermoplastic polymers
  • Environmentally friendly – free of lead, mercury and cadmium (all components are RoHS)

* See installation instructions for full details. †Patented Canadian Innovation