Bramal LED continues to lead the market in TRUE plug and play LED T12 and T8 replacements.

In 2012, our founder realised his goal of creating a truly plug and play LED tube solution, one that would work on electronic and magnetic ballasts as well as have the versatility to run on direct AC voltages across all commonly used ranges, and the Bramal LED T10 was born.

Now in 2016 Bramal LED continues to lead the way with the most versatile retrofit LED tube solution for T8 and T12 replacement, lowering the technical barriers to energy saving.

Bramal LED was recently awarded its’ first patent on the unique Bramal LED T10 product, recognising a great Canadian innovation and product. This proud event for our young company has signalled the next phase in our market development. 2016 will see an expansion in our sales channels, our product offering as we strive to bring the Bramal T10 advantages to a wider audience.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a product that will work in all aspects of their infrastructure, removing the need to purchase specific products for individual electrical systems.

Bramal LED will stay focussed on the design and manufacture of its core modular technology (the Bramal T10 is produced in a variety of standard and unique custom sizes), a strategy that allows the company to deliver the absolute best without distraction. We are the innovator, designer and manufacturer of our product, maintaining strict control over our supply chain and production is key to our confidence and passed on to our customers in the 5 year warranty we provide.

Since inception we have pursued a constant theme of improvement. We have increased efficiency by over 20% whilst maintaining our projected 80,000 hour product life and three core color temperatures. We regularly engage with customers who are able to see an ROI timeline of under 2 years.
Our growth plans are not limited to 2016, we have a strategic plan in place to take us through the next three years that will include the addition of manufacturing facilities, expansion in geographical coverage and as such we are always looking to engage in discussions as to how we can partner with other lighting and energy focussed companies to enable both parties to reach their goals.

Bramal LED T-10 lamps are affordable
Sustainability does not need to be expensive. By using Bramal LED’s T-10 lamps, property managers can substantially reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Bramal LED’s T-10 lamps are competitively priced and can provide a return on investment in as little as 3 years.

Bramal LED T-10 Lamps are universally retrofittable
Bramal LED’s T-10 lamps can be plugged into your existing fluorescent fixtures in a matter of seconds or on direct AC voltage. You will no longer need an electrician to replace lights in your factory or commercial building. Our plug and play power supply solution allows you to use a single type of lamp for all fixture types and can be installed by almost anyone.

Bramal LED is the most technologically sound choice
The Bramal T-10 lamps’ integrated power supply will transform your existing fluorescent fixtures into an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly lighting system. Bramal LED is your most cost effective lighting solution!

Bramal LED is the sustainable choice
Bramal LED’s products can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%, which can have a huge impact on lowering your environmental footprint. In addition to saving you energy, our T-10 lamps are made of thermoplastic polymers which contain no persistent or volatile pollutants such as mercury, lead or cadmium. The materials used to make our lamps are therefore fully recyclable.

Bramal LED lamps are reliable
Our T-10 lamps can provide over 80,000 hours or 9 years of continuous lighting. You will no longer have to worry about productivity decreases or downtime due to lighting maintenance. Moreover, our T-10 lamps work in extreme weather, intensely cold or very hot, making them an ideal outdoor lighting solution.


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