average increase in LUX (area illumination level)


in yearly savings per fixtures (6 tubes)


year payback period (on overall project costs)

“By installing Bramal LED, we have helped our team be more efficient by enhancing their work environment. Our new lighting solution also helped us save a considerable amount of energy making it a valuable short term investment.”

– Daniel Goyette, CEO of CAT Transport


  • 20 % increase in light levels
  • Evenly distributed and stable lighting level
  • 27,944 kWh saved yearly
  • 2.38 years payback period
  • $782 saved in yearly maintenance
  • $3,161 savings in the first year

The project’s goal was to provide better lighting to CAT Transport’s garage and storage areas in order to comply with Canadian Occupational Health and Safety regulations regarding minimal illumination levels in a storage area. The company also wanted to lower its high energy consumption in order to offset the high energy requirements of its vehicles and lower its operating costs.

In order to provide CAT Transport employees with stable and efficient lighting while helping the company save considerably on energy costs, we replaced the 15 HID lamps in CAT Transport’s garage and storage areas with 18 fixtures each containing 6 Bramal LED tubes.

The entire project, including professional fees, new fixtures, LED tubes, and wires costed under $10,000.

With the installation of Bramal’s LED, CAT Transport has reduced energy consumption by 27,944 kWh per year. This represents $1,255 in energy savings (based on Quebec’s average energy costs).

It took CAT Transport less than 2.5 years to recover the installation costs through the savings generated by the LED lights.

CAT Transport reduced their lighting energy consumption by 70% by switching from HID lights to LEDs. Additionally, the LED lights generate 20% more light output (Lux) providing employees with an environment in which it is easier and safer to work.

Switching to Bramal’s LED therefore proves to be an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to HID lights and a worthy investment (ROI of 2.38 years)