Welcome to Bramal LED grocery store linear lighting solutions.
From the ceiling to the fridges and displays, we have everything you need!

With in-depth knowledge of grocery store lighting needs and a proven track record with major chains we provide solutions for all old (and not so old) inefficient lamps and ballasts.

Range of tube sizes and colors to enhance products, remove UV which spoils produce and give a sharper, brighter, more welcoming store experience.

  • Remove ballast maintenance, dark spots and down time for lamp replacement, save up to 75% in energy.
  • Improve store productivity with brighter illumination and colors that help improve working life.
  • No need to cover with plastic that discolors or melts, Bramal LED tubes are plastic, no glass!
  • Refrigeration solutions that turn on instantly and do not heat up like a fluorescent tubes = more energy saved.
  • We can replace T12, T8, T5 and Metal Halide lamps.

Example – Replacing two (2) 5ft fluorescent lamps in a freezer will reduce from 120W consumption to less than 40W,as well as allowing for removal of the ballast which can cost up to $300 to change.

Bramal LED supplies a “permanent solution” compared to competing lighting retrofits that still rely on ballasts.

Our products are rated to last twice as long as standard LED replacements and save up to 3 ballast replacements during average installation life – lifetime return on investment is market leading.

Bramal LED direct AC products will last for up to 17 years* as an average store lights are on 16 hours per day 7 days per week.

Bramal LED is one of the only manufacturers that are cUL certified to supply an AC direct 120-347V product with the required levels of safety, so if your store has a mixture of voltages then you only need one supplier.

Average MONTHLY savings per store are between $1,400 & $2,000 or more for larger stores.