Energy Savings

Bramal LED’s unique high efficiency T10 lamp design permits you to save on energy consumption immediately, without costly modifications, significantly reducing operational costs.


Bramal T-10 lamps can last over 80,000 hours (9 consecutive years) and start instantly in either freezing cold or very hot temperatures, allowing you to operate without interruption.

Easy to install

*Bramal LED’s retrofit lamps do not require any ballast change or rewiring. They are plug and play, which means you do not require a professional electrician for installation.

Light Stability

Bramal LED's T-10 lamps maintain light output and do not fade throughout their lifespan, nor do they hum or buzz. Simply put, Bramal LED lamps provide constant and silent lighting year after year.


Bramal LED is a Canadian owned company that develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative energy saving lighting solutions.

Bramal LED aims to help commercial and industrial businesses lower their maintenance costs and environmental footprint by developing high efficiency and long-lasting lighting tubes.

Bramal LED’s innovative lighting solutions are all plug and play, therefore lessening the need for companies to hire professional electricians to change their light tubes or retrofit their fixtures.

Our T-10 lamps, made of shatterproof and recyclable thermoplastic polymers, are environmentally friendly. They contain zero persistent organic pollutants such as lead, mercury, or cadmium, which further sets them apart from fluorescent tubes.

Our vision

Bramal LED aims to offer innovative lighting solutions to help businesses and contractors save both energy and money while contributing to their overall sustainability processes.

Introducing the Bramal LED Custom product division - Lighting - Engineering - Design

Using our experience with Lighting, controls and specific industrial applications we have developed a division to cater to our customers growing needs for custom products, please call us for more information. DOWNLOAD MORE INFO

Bramal LED Hi Bay Modules



  • Ronsco Inc. recently took delivery of and installed Bramal LED’s innovative LED retrofit lamps and fixtures. We chose Bramal LED from among some more established names in lighting due to their reputation for customer service and quality...


  • Our project was an ambitious retrofit of an existing manufacturing facility and replacement of old fixtures. The Bramal LED retrofit products were installed in new 6 lamp linear fixtures and connected to direct AC supply to give the most efficient energy saving scenario...


  • By installing Bramal LED, we have helped our team be more efficient by enhancing their work environment. Our new lighting solution also helped us save a considerable amount of energy making it a valuable short term investment...


  • I am writing to recommend the product s and services of Bramal LED. We have been selling Bramal LED lighting products and have always been completely satisfied...


  • The SNC Lavalin Nexacor division has recently done business with Bramal LED. In doing so, we found their service to be prompt and courteous...


  • We at Technostrobe recently took delivery of, and installed, Bramal LED’s innovative LED retrofit lamps and fixtures. Being a manufacturer of LED products we were keen to use a local LED company with innovative technology when undertaking our recent renovation...


  • Bramal Led was able to provide us with the best lighting solution while reducing our overall electricity cost, their team were on hand to solve hardware incompatibilities, and they found and implemented a solution. Great product with unparalleled service.

Bramal LED is proud to announce a strategic engagement with RWM Enterprises for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

R.W. (Bob) Myers P.Tech, LC
RWM Enterprises LTD
Tel: 1 (709) 368-7045
Cell: 1 (709) 682-4012

Case Studies

Ridge Corporation “By installing Bramal LED tubes and fixtures, we have highlighted our corporate focus on efficiency, enhanced our working environment and cut down our maintenance time and costs. Our new lighting solution also helped us save a considerable amount of energy and e


Recent News


Whilst we endeavour to provide a product that will work on commonly used electronic and magnetic ballasts we understand that there are ballast types in use that will not operate with LED tubes including the Bramal LED T10.

In order to avoid issues we recommend that a test is performed before an installation is undertaken. We recommend that tubes are tested on site and if there is any doubt, Bramal LED will perform a technical analysis of the installed ballast as provided by the customer to verify its compatibility.

In the limited circumstances where a ballast is found to exceed the Bramal LED specification we will recommend the direct wiring of the tube and removal of the ballast.

This solution maintains the customers’ desired LED solution and enhances their savings by removing the ballast waste.

Please contact our technical team in Montreal on 450 763 1443 for further information.


Alors que nous nous efforçons de fournir un produit qui fonctionnera sur les ballasts électroniques et magnétiques couramment utilisés, nous comprenons qu'il existe des types de ballast en cours d'utilisation qui ne fonctionneront pas avec des tubes LED, y compris le Bramal LED T10.

Afin d'éviter les problèmes, nous recommandons qu'un test soit effectué avant l'installation. Nous recommandons que les tubes soient testés sur site et en cas de doute, Bramal LED effectuera une analyse technique du ballast installé tel que fourni par le client pour vérifier sa compatibilité.

Dans les circonstances limitées où un ballast est trouvé pour dépasser la spécification de Bramal LED nous recommandons le câblage direct du tube et l'enlèvement du ballast.

Cette solution maintient la solution de LED souhaitée par les clients et améliore leurs économies en supprimant les déchets de ballast.

Veuillez communiquer avec notre équipe technique à Montréal au 450 763 1443 pour de plus amples renseignements.