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Energy Savings

Bramal LED’s unique high efficiency T10 lamp design permits you to save on energy consumption immediately, without costly modifications, significantly reducing operational costs.


Bramal T-10 lamps can last over 80,000 hours (9 consecutive years) and start instantly in either freezing cold or very hot temperatures, allowing you to operate without interruption.

Easy to install

Bramal LED’s retrofit lamps do not require any ballast change or rewiring. They are plug and play, which means you do not require a professional electrician for installation.

Light Stability

Bramal LED's T-10 lamps maintain light output and do not fade throughout their lifespan, nor do they hum or buzz. Simply put, Bramal LED lamps provide constant and silent lighting year after year.

Case Studies

CAT Transport “By installing Bramal LED, we have helped our team be more efficient by enhancing their work environment. Our new lighting solution also helped us save a considerable amount of energy making it a valuable short term investment.” – Daniel Goyette, CEO of CAT