Energy Savings

Bramal LED’s unique high efficiency T10 lamp design permits you to save on energy consumption immediately, without costly modifications, significantly reducing operational costs.


Bramal T-10 lamps can last over 80,000 hours (9 consecutive years) and start instantly in either freezing cold or very hot temperatures, allowing you to operate without interruption.

Easy to install

Bramal LED’s retrofit lamps do not require any ballast change or rewiring. They are plug and play, which means you do not require a professional electrician for installation.

Light Stability

Bramal LED's T-10 lamps maintain light output and do not fade throughout their lifespan, nor do they hum or buzz. Simply put, Bramal LED lamps provide constant and silent lighting year after year.


Bramal LED is a Canadian owned company that develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative energy saving lighting solutions.

Bramal LED aims to help commercial and industrial businesses lower their maintenance costs and environmental footprint by developing high efficiency and long-lasting lighting tubes.

Bramal LED’s innovative lighting solutions are all plug and play, therefore lessening the need for companies to hire professional electricians to change their light tubes or retrofit their fixtures.

Our T-10 lamps, made of shatterproof and recyclable thermoplastic polymers, are environmentally friendly. They contain zero persistent organic pollutants such as lead, mercury, or cadmium, which further sets them apart from fluorescent tubes.

Our vision

Bramal LED aims to offer innovative lighting solutions to help businesses and contractors save both energy and money while contributing to their overall sustainability processes.

Bramal LED Hi Bay Modules

Bramal LED is proud to announce a strategic engagement with Agence Ricard for the Province of Quebec and the Ottawa valley.

The Ricard team brings Bramal LED more than 60 years of experience in the electrical and lighting industry. Working with electrical and lighting distributors their mission is to support distribution sales teams and execute on customer requirements to guarantee acceptance and approval at the end user.

Case Studies

Ridge Corporation “By installing Bramal LED tubes and fixtures, we have highlighted our corporate focus on efficiency, enhanced our working environment and cut down our maintenance time and costs. Our new lighting solution also helped us save a considerable amount of energy and e


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