Bramal LED Fixture Solutions

Whilst Bramal LED is focused on the re-use of existing fixtures to reduce waste and costs, there are certain situations where a new Fixture is required. Bramal LED works with leading fixture manufacturers to provide a range of simple, low cost products that utilise Bramal LED tubes. We have full north American UL certification to produce non ballasted fixtures that are prewired for our products and can be supplied as complete units.* Our standard 6 lamp fixture will easily replace a 400W Metal Halide fixture and give 75% energy savings with a payback of less than a year. Our fixtures carry the same performance levels as the stand alone tubes, of 80,000 to 100,000 hours depending on the tube used. We recommend using the direct AC products for longer life.

*Ask about our options to add cable, plugs and motion detectors to your fixture requirements for ease of installation and extra energy saving.

6 lamp 5000K Bramal LED Fixture on direct 347V AC


Bramal LED Fixture solutions are perfect for all office, commercial and industrial scenarios. Standard CCT’s from 3500K to 6500K. Perfect for installations where existing fixtures are unsuitable for retrofit or for new construction. Our standard 6 and 8 lamp units are cost competitive with fully integrated LED solutions such as panels. However, where an LED strip can fail in a panel necessitating the replacement of the entire fixture, the Bramal LED solution allows for the rare replacement of a faulty tube.

Open or enclosed designs available. The fixtures include, by default, the same safety and life enhancing design as the Bramal LED tubes.

90-408V direct voltage. CCT 3500K, 4200K, 5000K & 6500K. 80,000 + hour rated life. Available in 4ft.

Options available, such as plugs, cables, mounting kits and sensors, please ask for details.