Leading Provider

Of LED replacements for T8 and T12
lamps and High Bay fixtures

Case Studies

Ridge Corporation

The project’s goal was to provide better lighting to Ridge Corp’s manufacturing plant in order to improve workplace safety, efficiency and align with their energy conservation goals as a corporation.

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CAT Transport

The project’s goal was to provide better lighting to CAT Transport’s garage and storage areas in order to comply with Canadian Occupational Health and Safety regulations regarding minimal illumination levels in a storage area.

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About 95 percent of all operating costs tie into Utilities, Maintenance, janitorial and security, with about 70 to 75 percent of those in the first two areas, it is important to track and improve for example on lighting that represents 35 to 40 percent of Utilities.

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Grocery Store

With in-depth knowledge of grocery store lighting needs and a proven track record with major chains we provide solutions for all old (and not so old) inefficient lamps and ballasts.

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