Bramal LED Custom products

Bramal LED also offers custom solutions* based on the core technology of the Multi-use or AC direct products. Tubes can be made any length (above 30cm). For example, 5ft units for refrigeration display, 4ft metric units for older metric fixtures that are still serviceable. 2ft, 3ft and 6ft solutions also available.

CCT and voltage can be matched to your exact requirements.

*Price and lead time are available on request and are volume dependent.


Custom solutions are needed in many different situations to complete a regular installation. Bramal LED’s engineering team is available to discuss your needs and low volume prototyping** can be done at our HQ in Montreal.

**There is a charge for all engineering work that can be refunded upon completion of a production order.

Unique, patented design with built in safety circuit requiring all 4 pins to be connected before product will light up. Double row of LED’s to reduce heat stress and extend LED life.

Tube lengths from 30cm upwards. CCT to match customer requirements. Pricing and lead time is volume dependent.

Determined based on customer requirements, can include: