Bramal LED Multi Voltage 80,000 hour 90 to 408V products

The Bramal LED Multi Use / Multi Voltage tube is an evolution of the original Bramal LED concept to provide a “plug and play” retrofit solution for fluorescent lighting replacement. That original solution allows for installation on ballast and then direct wire across all common NA voltages when the ballast failed. This new generation is focussed on allowing flexible installations without ballast.

While this product will work in some cases with the lighting ballast in place* we advise that they are used for installations where voltages vary in the building. Our patented internal driver solution ensures that light levels remain consistent despite the input voltage. Our Multi-use products are certified by UL for the US and Canada and come with UL certified retrofit instructions.

*Ballast compatibility must be confirmed and be aware that anywhere from 30-50% of existing ballasts may need to be replaced in any project. We strongly recommend ballast bypass using our UL instructions


Bramal LED direct AC solutions are perfect for all office, commercial and industrial scenarios. Standard CCT’s from 3500K to 6500K. Perfect for installations where supply voltage varies between 120 and 347 or 120 and 277. The same tubes can be used everywhere, no problem connecting to the wrong voltage and you will get a consistent light level.

Unique, patented design with built in safety circuit requiring all 4 pins to be connected before product will light up. Double row of LED’s to reduce heat stress and extend LED life.

90-408V direct voltage. CCT 3500K, 4200K, 5000K & 6500K. 80,000 hour rated life. Available in 4ft and 8ft lengths. See Custom section for other sizes and metric versions.